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With the evolution of shopping experiences, we have become more lenient and more trusting of mobile shopping websites and applications. Today we have reviewed two shopping portals, one of the bunch can be used for fashion inspiration as well as online shopping, and the second is a unique concept for second hand shopping and vintage collectibles. Both are portals we highly recommend, and below are the reasons.


Gleam Mobile Application


App stores today are over saturated with applications that cumulatively contribute to our lifestyle, health, mode de vie, and practicality. Most applications related to the fashion industry constitute of e-commerce, online purchasing, or a fashion repertoire for trend enthusiasts. Alas, one application has reshaped the manner at which we shop online.

Gleam is a mobile application that allows you to delve and discover the latest fashion trends right off the runways, with its mobile friendly interface it allows the user to scroll through more than 400 daily added images, and with over 200,000 looks within the application as we speak!

Gleam allows you to create a dream closet with exactly the look you are opting for on a daily basis, with filters for category, style, and color, you are able to adjust your purchases to find the exact inspiration or look needed.

Not only can you explore, and shop, Gleam also allows you to socialize given your style, you could get interactive, share, post, and email your look to friends. The application is free and available to download from the App store and Google Play! So go ahead ladies! Gleam does not only entertain, it is genuinely a tool to enhance the way we girls look every day!

You can visit Gleam through their beautiful website.

Washed-and-Found Website Screenshot

Washed-and-Found Website Screenshot

Washed and Found

Ever wondered what you would do with barely worn pieces of designer clothing? Ever wondered where you can sell or buy pre-loved, and vintage products?! Washed and Found is a unique concept that efficiently allows you to shop for vintage pieces at incredibly fair, and reduced prices, and also sell your own vintage designer wear instead of aimlessly keeping it in the corner of a closet. The products at Washed and Found undergo a review before being posted on the website, the people at Washed and Found make sure every piece posted on their online portal is in ideal condition, without flaw, as well as perfectly authentic.

Given that their products are vintage and each item is one of a kind, they take appointment-based fittings that allow a shopper to try on the items before purchase. Hence molding the online shopping experience into a more refined vintage designer clothing hunt. Their ranges of product include clothing, shoes, accessories, and vintage pieces for both men and women. Washed and Found is an emerging concept that has redefined vintage shopping, and has added flare and style to such an experience.

Visit Washed and Found, to learn of pre-loved treasures, and vintage, unique, and rare pieces.

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