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A Vintage Masterpiece: Great Expectations Through The Looking Glass

Great Expectations movie

Alfonso Cuaron’s most recent directorial features , have all been dubbed brilliant works of art. From his groundbreaking film Gravity, to his film Paris, I Love you, to his direction of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. We have all come to recognize this brilliant artist’s keen eye for brilliant colors, vibrant picturesque frames, as well as his tasteful use of motion and music at once. However, today we take a look at the older works of this brilliant director, looking closely at his 1998 release Great Expectations.

Great Expectations still photo

Excerpt From Great Expectations 1998

Based on a timeless novel by Charles Dickens, Great Expectations revolves around Finnegan Bell, a young orphan raised by his sister, in conditions of poverty and hardship. This young boy is an aspiring painter. Consumed with his drawing, he paints the portrait of Estella, and falls deeply in love with her. The film unveils a series of drastic, pure, and intense emotions between these two characters. With plot twists that guarantee the viewer’s fixation on the film’s every detail.
The most intense and brilliant aspect of this film, is its ability to soothe your senses merely by its visuals. It took me six screenings of the film in order to recognize the brilliant color palette that the director used in this film. Entirely filmed with hues of green for the entire wardrobe, props, set, and visuals. Every single frame in the film is green, however the viewer does not realize this until further screenings. Hence making the film a visually compelling masterpiece of green! The color of peace, nature, and comfort.
The film’s most ultimate performance is by the wonderful Anne Bancroft, appearing as Nora Dinsmor, a spinster abandoned by her fiancé at the altar. A moving, creative, and timeless performance of hopelessness, depression, and true genuine emotions.
A real depiction of heartbreak, loss, and most importantly hope. With a wonderful score by Patrick Doyle, the movie transports you into a delicate yet mesmerizing world of love, beauty, youth, and emotions.
We believe the movie is to be viewed as an overall masterpiece, genuinely my favorite work for Alfonso Cuaron.

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